Veterans in the Cannabis Industry, Part 2

Karen Berger, PharmD, Medical Writer

At MyCureAll, we work hard day and night to make medical cannabis affordable and accessible for patients who need it, and we have a special place in our hearts for veterans who have selflessly defended our country. We know that medical cannabis is a safe and natural alternative to opioids and other drugs, and we want to ensure that those who have given all for our country, have access to the safest treatments available. 

In a previous blog post, Veterans in the Cannabis Industry, Part 1, we talked about how veterans are becoming successful entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. Many veterans have personally used or are using medical cannabis with success to treat PTSD, pain, and other medical conditions. Combine the personal experience with natural leadership abilities, and you have the perfect cannabis entrepreneur. 

But then there are other veterans who are looking for a job, and do not necessarily want to invest in starting a new company. There are plenty of opportunities for these veterans as well. In an article in The Cannabist, writer Bruce Kennedy shares, “a growing number of veterans are finding positions in the legal cannabis sector once they leave the service – and many are finding the skills they developed in the military are welcome within the industry.” 

One such opportunity is in armed security. Because of federal restrictions, many cannabis companies operate on a cash basis. Hundreds of veterans are being hired to accompany and protect shipments of cannabis and cash, as well as protect dispensaries and grow operations. Many veterans find their niche in cultivation, production, and retail operations. 

Veterans are often the perfect employees for the detail-oriented skills required in the cannabis space. One company, THC Design, even has a 12-week paid internship and training program, providing a hands-on learning experience for veterans. THC Design co-founder Ryan Jennemann told The Cannabist, “In that 12 weeks, they’re able to track a plant from start to finish…What I was hiring for was not experience,” he said. “I was hiring for a work ethic, an ability to handle adversity, an ability to solve problems.”

A powerful statistic: about 2.7 million veterans have served in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, and up to 20% (approximately 540,000) of those veterans have experienced PTSD. 

Veterans can check out some of the many websites to search for a job in the cannabis industry, such as or this directory of cannabis training, job boards, and recruitment agencies. 

Roger Martin, veteran and cannabis entrepreneur, sums it up in the Cannabist: “No one understands the importance of reliability better than men and women whose very lives often depended upon being able to count on the person next to them getting the job done,” and reminds us that “medical cannabis provides a safe alternative to the deadly prescription drugs that kill more than 18,000 veterans each year. For vets suffering from PTSD, being involved in the cultivation side of the industry can often ease symptoms by providing a point of focus, something other than the negativity that many PTSD sufferers deal with.”

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