The Lazy Stoner Stereotype is False: Interview with Carrie Fulgham

Karen Berger, PharmD, Medical Writer

Carrie Fulgham lives in Shawnee, Oklahoma, with her husband David, son, Chase, three chihuahuas, Gus, Muppy, and Ozzy, and collie mix, Callie. Carrie works full time in home health, and in her spare time, she enjoys fitness, movie watching, and “overthinking,” she jokes. 


Carrie is a medical marijuana patient. She uses medical cannabis for rheumatoid arthritis pain, as well as anxiety and depression, which she describes as lifelong. Carrie finds medical cannabis to be an effective treatment for all three conditions. 


Carrie purchases her medical marijuana from a local dispensary and prefers Sativa strains. She enjoys Blue Dream, Durban Poison, and Wedding Cake strains. The cost of her treatment is approximately $300 to 400 per month. 


Carrie explains that she is trying to promote a message that the lazy stoner stereotype is false, but “it’s been very hard to gauge what I should spend my time and energy doing to promote my message. Since legalization in late 2018, I’ve tried podcasts, a custom fitness app, and booked a couple of events that were canceled. When people hear fitness, they think athletic. When people hear wellness, they think of medical treatments. I’m already standoffish, and while I know what I’m doing is very important, it is hard to communicate what I’m doing to some people.”


Carrie explains her reasoning that the lazy stoner stereotype is false and outlines her reasons:

  • Everyone is different, especially when it comes to reactions and opinions. 

  • People who feel shy, anxious, or depressed often fare better by medicating before, during, or after an exercise session. 

  • The CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) epidemic can be improved substantially with medical cannabis.

  • Ingesting medical cannabis before strength training can promote better focus 

  • Through pain relief, marijuana allows individuals to be more active in general. 


Carrie offers fitness coaching and classes at the mall in Shawnee, Oklahoma. In her classes, she teaches Tai Chi, seated exercise routines, including strength and cardio, and she takes time to demonstrate myofascial techniques to help pain and inflammation. Carrie is also running a virtual test program for a lifestyle reboot and plans to start marketing the program in January. She is also planning to host medicated indoor group fitness classes and small group training sessions. 


Check out Carrie’s company, Hybrid Wellness!



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