“This is going to be the start of a beautiful relationship” – Chris Bolton, CEO of TheraCann International, discusses partnership with MyCureAll

In a recent TheraCAST, Chris Bolton, CEO of TheraCann International, and Oswaldo Bello, OS2 Senior Advisor of TheraCann International, talked with Elaine Richer, RPh and CEO of MyCureAll, and Jacques Nir, LCSW, COO of MyCureAll. TheraCann and MyCureAll are combining forces with “best-in-class technology” to help patients achieve their best cannabis treatment.


Richer, a pharmacist with a 25-year background in community pharmacy, discusses how opioids wreak havoc on society and take millions of lives. Richer knew that the most critical step would be “having cannabis as part of medication-assisted treatment and harm reduction.” She recalls when she started to read about cannabis and its history several years ago. “I like to look at statistics. I like to look at numbers. And looking at cannabis, nobody has ever died from utilizing cannabis. Nobody has ever gotten addicted to cannabis.”


Richer detailed the pathway many patients go down – when taking medications for various conditions, side effects inevitably occur, and more drugs are needed to counteract these side effects. “Cannabis is the most natural treatment option out there, and as a pharmacist, it’s very important to me to not cause harm, to help the patient, to do the best we can, and I think this is our duty, is to help our patients and utilize the right protocols.” Although cannabis is natural, you have to respect the plant, Richer said. When looking at cannabis as medicine, you still need to consider drug interactions and the patient’s medical conditions – this is where science comes in, and choosing the right strain is of utmost importance. MyCureAll was born to help patients with protocols, giving patients the right choice for medical cannabis treatment.


Jacques Nir, LCSW, joined in – “My jaw was dropped – what an exciting adventure,” he recalls thinking. He explained that when cannabis becomes a formal treatment with protocols, it becomes a science and medication, not just a random plant.


Bolton discussed that the whole medical cannabis process leaves a disconnect between the prescriber, pharmacist, and patients. Few medical studies are available, and those that are available mostly studied CBD.


TheraCann’s OS2 is One System, One Solution software. Bello agreed that there is no clear guidance for medical marijuana patients, no way to track how they are feeling or what works for different illnesses. Bello said that it is challenging to guide patients with this disconnect that Bolton described. The supply chain should be data-driven, and based on medical facts, said Bello. Bello explained that when TheraCann partners with MyCureAll, it will be a “win-win, all the way around,” with the ability to better treat patients and connect all the dots through the supply chain.


Richer agrees, explaining that we have the product but need better growth, distribution, and data. Medical schools don’t teach medical students about cannabis. “If the physician doesn’t know anything about cannabis, how exactly comfortable are they going to be to prescribe it or recommend it to the patient? How are they able to check for drug interactions?”


Equipped with the best information from clinical studies along with anecdotal information from doctors, dispensaries, and patients, “we are preparing the market to do the right thing for the patient at the end of the day,” Richer said.


Bolton explains how MyCureAll protects data to ensure all privacy regulations are satisfied and is working on obtaining insurance coverage. “The MyCureAll system is well-equipped to take this on,” said Bolton.


MyCureAll has created the proprietary ICC, or international cannabis code, which is like the NDC (National Drug Code) that prescription drugs use, but for cannabis, to assist with billing and patient care. “Insurance is an intricate part of patient care,” Richer said. She explained that MyCureAll can prove to an individual insurer that when a patient switches from prescription medication to the correct cannabis strain, they may no longer need certain prescription drugs. “It’s been statistically proven when cannabis is introduced, depending on the disease state…40 percent of patients stop taking opioids completely, and then you have 30 percent of patients that are able to reduce their opioid intake,” Richer said. Cannabis is less expensive to the healthcare system and causes fewer side effects.


Nir explains that in building an insurance claim, MyCureAll can look at the patient’s three major symptoms and show a reduction in symptoms based on subjective data (from the client) and objective data (cannabinoid properties). MyCureAll can then advise the dispensaries what strains they should carry and help find similar products if there are in-stock issues.


“This is going to be the start, as they say, of a beautiful relationship,” Bolton said. Richer agreed – “I think it is wonderful that we’ll be able to help patients and we’ll able to really broaden our operation to the global market, and to see and to learn from the global market…We can help prove to the healthcare system – in whichever country you’re in – that it is less expensive and more beneficial for the patient to use cannabis versus whatever approved drug they’ve been using.”


“I can’t wait for this to be accepted more on a government basis…I love the concepts we’ve brought up…I really look forward to this relationship,” Nir said. Bello summed it up by saying, “MyCureAll has done an excellent job preparing a strong platform that is equal to our own OS2, so powering up both of the  applications will definitely provide a powerhouse to the end customer, and we’ll be able to gain a better market with better insights and better knowledge at the end of the day.”


The MyCureAll app provides a platform for targeted cannabis recommendations for cannabinoids that treat specific conditions and lower healthcare costs. As experts in the pharmaceutical and medical cannabis field, our mission is to properly, consistently, and effectively manage medical cannabis administration by aligning patients, doctors, dispensaries, and insurers to work hand-in-hand for safer and more effective healthcare.

We promise to provide our patients with the highest ethical level of care. We will never charge patients for our services, and we will fight the insurance companies for you! We are on your side.

We continue to work to get medical cannabis covered by insurance companies. Sign our petition!

Start of a Beautiful Relationship between MyCureAll and TheraCann

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