“I’m a Disruptor”: Meet Danny Milham, MIS Director of MyCureAll

Danny Milham is the MIS Director of MyCureAll, bringing his unique perspective and experience as a NJMMP patient. 

Danny lives in Union, New Jersey, with his wife, Dana. In his spare time, he enjoys playing guitar, bass guitar, and keyboard, as well as “playing with technology,” dabbling in mechanical and electrical engineering. 

Danny suffers from intractable skeletal muscular spasticity due to an industrial accident and spinal injury. Over the years, his doctors prescribed many different prescription medications. “The first thing they did was give me 75 pills for 30 days, and they did nothing. They were completely ineffective and just gave me stomach problems,” Danny says. After that, the doctors tried muscle relaxers (“which just made me sleep for 30 hours”) and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. 

Like many other medical cannabis patients, Danny soon realized he has tried all the medications, and nothing worked. It was time to try medical cannabis. “It worked, and I never looked back,” he recalls. “I figured I might as well try something familiar at this point.” 

Danny sees an orthopedist, who recommended him for the NJMMP. Not only does the medical cannabis help his pain, Danny says, but it also helps his symptoms of bipolar I disorder. Although many medical professionals do not believe medical cannabis can help with bipolar I disorder, Danny finds that when the pain is under control, he feels much calmer, and less excitable. “Cannabis makes very negative information less anxiety-provoking and lets me receive it more positively. It gives me a very nice slow feeling of thoughts, where I can think more clearly. I haven’t seen these benefits with any other psychiatric drug and have been on over a dozen. Medical cannabis has me down to just two treatments – cannabis for pain and lithium for bipolar.”  “I am proud that Jacques Nir (LCSW and COO of MyCureAll) wanted to have close focus on taking care of patients with mental health and addiction recovery. That is when I knew we were doing something even bigger that we had initially thought up.”

Danny visits the Garden State Dispensary to purchase his medical cannabis. At first, he consulted with the staff there, but found that the recommendations did not always work the best. Like many medical cannabis patients, Danny dove into the research, learning about how the plant works and how it affects the body. He learned about different strains and how they work. “Understanding how the product I purchased impacted me beyond infographics, and documenting cause and effect changes with specific strains let me connect with the plant at deeper levels.” 

Now, he has a constant rotary of five different strains that he mixes together in a grinder to create a combination that is most helpful for his conditions. 

“Correlating real feedback of my body with the data from the industry enabled me to start combining strains so I could target symptoms, alleviate their severity, and maintain my cognitive focus to perform my day to day obligations without interruption,” he says.

Danny wishes that all insurances would cover medical cannabis. “It’s a medication, and given by a doctor legally – why should one prescription be different from another?” he reflects. (You can sign MyCureAll’s petition to get medical cannabis covered by insurance here.)

“I am excited about our app’s eco tool suite Canna-Measure and Canna-Meter to help Doctors and patients develop effective treatment plans. The objective data in our system can be used by insurance to get a real account of cannabis and its benefits for a patient.”

Through a stroke of serendipity, Danny and MyCureAll connected on LinkedIn, in February 2019. Danny recalls that he was just being himself, participating in a lively conversation chain, when Steve Malen, PharmD, MBA, recognized his potential and messaged him about a job. They spoke for an hour, and Danny joined the company immediately. “I was excited – I wanted to be part of a unique team and take on a challenging industry that helps patients like me,” he says. 

Danny wears many hats at MyCureAll as the MIS Director. He has been working on developing the app, and all the technicalities associated with it, such as calculations that benefit patient data, and working closely with COO Jacques Nir to ensure that all logic is adherent to medical standards. “I’m the main architect of the back end – I integrate all of our different systems as well as requirements from medical standards together to make our system operate.” 

Of all his work at MyCureAll, Danny is most proud of developing the app. “It’s not just cranking out an app,” he says, “we have a real product that can help people. I am fortunate enough to be part of a team that can bring this to the public. It is an amazing thing for me. We are in a great position, being able to scale up and start helping patients across the country.”

“I’m a true disruptor,” Danny says. Working with Elaine Richer, RPh, CEO, and Jacques Nir, LCSW, COO, he finds they work well as a tightly integrated and logical team. “I want to stick around. I want people to know that while technology is important, the person behind the scenes cares too. You need a disruptor to do it.”

Danny Milham, MyCureAll MIS Directo