August Event

Society Updates: 

August 2020 

Pharmacist State Series: 

This event is FREE for members and non-members alike as we wish to increase awareness and education about the existing medical programs and the role of the pharmacist in each state.


1) CCPC 2020 is only 1 week away!! 

2) Upcoming State of Cannabis Events 

3) FDA Draft Guidance on Cannabis Summary  


Next up:

August 17: MARYLAND with Krissy Bernazani, RPh 

September 17: PENNSYLVANIA with Jay Sochoka, RPh

October 22: UTAH with Mindy Madeo, RPh

November: CONNECTICUT with Brian Essenter, RPh 

December: NEW JERSEY with Monica Taing, PharmD


If you are interested in sharing about your state/country: please reply to this newsletter or email us at

 FDA Issues Draft Guidance on Researching Cannabis 


Check out this review by student pharmacist Lauren Miller! 


We are so lucky to have over 50 student members and volunteers that are supporting the vision of Cannabis Pharmacists. 


Clinical Cannabinoid

Pharmacy 2020


We are only 1 week away from the first Clinical Cannabinoid Pharmacy Conference! We are so excited to bring you industry experts from the comfort of your home. 


Whether you are a practicing Cannabis Pharmacist or new to the industry, we guarantee you will learn something new and meaningful to bring back to your patient care. 


Join us virtually for CCPC 2020

on August 14 and 15! 


Note: If you are a current student/resident/fellow, we have reduced price tickets available for $199! Reply to this email for the link 

MyCureAll CEO Elaine Richer will be presenting at todays event!

We would like to have you experience the MyCureAll App for free.

Download the MyCureAll App Today-   

  • "The MyCureAll app empowers insurance companies to reimburse for medical cannabis, while reducing overall healthcare spending"
  • MyCureAll is a platform that allows insurance companies to reimburse for cannabis that maximizes patient outcomes, while significantly decreasing overall spend by the insurance company. 
  • We manage the costs by ensuring the patients are receiving the appropriate strains of cannabis and taking the correct dose at the correct frequency for their particular indication(s).

Virtual Sponsorship 

More information and enrollment available on our website 

We are so grateful for our 2020 Virtual Sponsors!

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