The MyCureAll app empowers insurance companies to reimburse
for medical cannabis, while reducing overall healthcare spending

Our Mission

As experts in the pharmaceutical and medical cannabis field, our mission is to properly, consistently, and effectively manage medical cannabis administration by aligning patients, doctors, dispensaries, and insurers to work hand-in-hand for safer and more effective healthcare. In providing a secure and beneficial platform for medical cannabis recommending, our goal is to bring physical and financial relief from the opioid epidemic.

Our Clients

We are proudly serving a diverse yet connected group of clients


Physicians – are able to receive access to standardized protocols for prescribing medical cannabis based on the patient’s condition, age, sex, etc.

Patients – are able to receive the correct strain/strength for their medical condition(s), allowing for safer, more effective treatment.

Substance Abuse Treatment Providers – are able to integrate medical cannabis for opioid dependent clients with vMAT treatment.


Dispensaries – are able to better manage inventory of various cannabis strains while providing effective care based on patient needs.

Employers – can play an active role in providing appropriate healthcare resources to their employees.

Insurance Providers

Insurance Companies – can decrease spending on dangerous opioid treatments and subsequent, ineffective opioid addiction rehab programs, by providing effective cannabis usage.

Cannabis Suppliers

Whether you’re a dispensary or other form of a cannabis supplier, join our network so that we can get your products covered by insurance and help you deliver personalized care to your patients.


If you believe in our mission and are willing to help fund and execute on our business plan, we are entertaining angel investors.


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